We are all saddened to hear that this one very historic and long-running bar in Lewiston will soon be shutting its doors to the public after so many years.

It has been a meeting place for drinks and memories, and now, after 54 years, The Cage in Lewiston will be soon closing its doors.

According to WMTW, the co-owner of The Cage confirmed the bar's closure for February 15. The news station did add that the co-owner noted that "there were ongoing talks with a potential buyer for the bar, but that the potential buyer was currently in Aruba."

February 15 is right around the corner, and regulars have been frequenting this bar, making memories for what seems like a lifetime.

The Cage, located at 97 Ash Street in Lewiston, has become a staple for bar-goers for over five decades.

A review by one gentleman on Tripadvisor read,

La Cage has been a favorite of mine for over 40 yrs. Rustic ,comfortable place to make new friends and hang out.

Additionally, this is TripAdvisor's No.1-rated nightlife bar in Lewiston.

The Cage was put on the market in October 2021 for $400,000, according to the Sun Journal, and was described in the listing as a "well established turnkey business with great success for 50 years.”

I have been to The Cage and played my fair share of Buck Hunter while buying affordable and strong drinks and raising hell with my friends. This was after Pac-Man was there and yes, in the 1980s they did have Pac-Man!

Whether you went to celebrate your birthday, taco night, The Annual Pig Roast, live music, after a softball game, bachelor/bachelorette party, girls' night, boys' night, or just to meet up with friends, The Cage gave you that old-time party-bar vibe you were always looking for to get a little crazy.

The Cage has been a "word of mouth" type spot, and it may seem rough, but that is what gives it the charm it's always had. This spot has never needed any huge marketing campaigns or publicity, everyone who was supposed to know about this place, knew and that is something to be proud of.

As the WMTW article states, it has been open since 1969 and includes 5 apartments with a parking lot.

After over 50 years, they will soon be closing the doors to this memorable top-rated bar in Lewiston, Maine.

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