When it comes to springtime in Maine, there are a few indicators that the season has arrived. Sure, the chronic April rain showers are a good indicator, but so too is the influx in tourist traffic, pollen and the opening of seasonal businesses.

For locals, there's a love/hate relationship with the popular Wiscasset food shack, Red's Eats. We love that the food is to die for, that they attract people from all over the country and that they are a bedrock of coastal Maine. However, we hate that there's always so many people and so much traffic. The good with the bad so-to-speak.

Remember when a Red's Eats chef was featured on Food Network?

But whatever your opinions on the traffic are, one thing is for certain, Red's Eats will once again open for the season and get ready to take on all the hungry bellies of 2024.

According to WGME 13, Red's Eats has officially announced their opening date for this year. The restaurant announced via their socials that they will be opening their doors, err windows, on May 1st.

The restaurant, which hold the title of Best Lobster Roll in New England, courtesy of the Boston Globe, will start the season being open Wednesday-Sunday from 11:30-5. For the near future, they plan to be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Remember when a UPS truck drove off the road and crashed into Red's Eats?

And so it begins, tourist season in Maine. Of course we don't officially recognize the start of the season until Memorial Day Weekend, but let's face it, we know the outsiders are already invading.

That's okay, we like their out-of-state money.

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