As a busy parent who works some strange hours, I am grateful for the fact that my daughter's school uses ClassDojo app.

While the app has a bunch of tools designed to make teachers' lives easier (group generators, timers, noise meters, etc), parents will benefit from the social media features.

The app allows teachers to share pictures, videos, comments about what students are doing, and reminders with parents.

For those of us who cannot always make it open houses or who get home after the kids have gone to bed, it gives us a look at what they're working on in class and in field trips.  And, no matter what your schedule is, it allows teachers to share notes directly with parents.  There's no chance of an important note being tossed in the bottom of a backpack - not reappearing for six months.

If you kid's school is not using the app, you should ask them about it.  Of all the apps I have on my phone, the ClassDojo app is probably the most important one.

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