Question for married people or couples who live together. Who does what? Are there chore roles? We’ve been married for over 12 years and together for 14. I have never been good at fixing stuff. Lynn is amazing that way. It’s almost like role reversal. Don’t get me wrong, I clean, do the laundry, the dishes, pick up and watch the kids while Lynn’s on a project.

Last night we noticed our kitchen faucet leaking. It wasn’t a waterfall underneath in the cabinets, but there was a bit of standing water. As a man, I would like to think I can take care of something like this. So this morning we tackled the project. We dry up the shelf after pulling out the cleaning chemicals and whatnot. Without hesitation, my wife gets under the sink and checks into it. She asks me to turn on and off the taps and I do so. We can’t really see where the leak is coming from. It looked to be fine. Lynn calls her mother and her mother says it’s probably a washer in the faucet. Sure enough that’s what it was. Lynn took apart the 'thingamajigs' and put everything back together. I can imagine myself getting soaked by the tap like a fire hydrant if it weren’t for her.

Just off the top of my head, Lynn has over the years, fixed a vacuum cleaner, a toilet and nursed a recliner by adapting screws so the foot rest works. It’s so funny when I attempt something manly; Lynn says 'Let me do it.' I have a tendency to strip screws and over tighten. In a couple of cases I've stripped the screw driver. The best example is that furniture you buy and put together. I am totally useless when it comes to that stuff. It always gets loose and falls apart after about six months. I put together the padded chairs in the Moose studio, case in point. Those have completely fallen apart.

Here is what I can do. I can mow a lawn. I can also change a battery, brakes and a tire when it comes to a car. I can hook up a DVD player/video game console and satellite or cable set top box.