I stumbled upon the most amusing story while tuning in to World News Tonight with my mom. It left us both positively tickled with excitement. Let me share the reason why it had us grinning from ear to ear!

Brace yourself for cuteness overload, because David Muir reported about this absolutely adorable youngster named West who is 4-years-old. He embarked on his very first fishing outing with his family on Moose Pond in Denmark, Maine.

And guess what? He actually caught a fish!

The sheer excitement and astonishment that lit up his face upon seeing the fish was priceless.

With his endearing voice and those adorable dimples, it was impossible not to be infected by the contagious joy radiating from him.

This plastered a huge grin on our faces! As it will yours, once you watch below!


As you can plainly see, his excitement is contagious, especially when you can hear young West saying "I got a big one!"

Of course the video went viral after it was posted onto TikTok and then more views came spilling in when David Muir shared it on the World News.

It is such a pleasant video to watch and enjoy.

Fishing in Maine is an American tradition and I [personally love watching my 6-year-old, Bentley fish. The first time he cast he has such giddiness and once they start, they don't stop!

Their are numerous spots in Maine to fish and enjoy the water.

Where do you like to fish in Maine? Our family loves heading out into Middle Range Pond to see if we get any bites.

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