Gift-giving can be a challenge. In all honestly, seldom have I received gifts that I am really excited about…but I am ALWAYS so happy to be remembered and loved enough to receive. But please allow me to give you a few ideas for adults from Amazon that on the surface may not look like the most exciting gifts but really are darn handy. Keep scrolling down for all eight of my Amazon suggestions with links to the product and two bonus suggestions.

An electric tea kettle means hot water in a snap and with lots of safety features. I LOVE mine. Faster than my microwave and safer than the stove since if I get distracted (SQUIRREL!) or it is too low on water, it will shut its self off. Check out this one below.  LOVE IT.

Electric hot water bottle. Check it out…it is just like a hot water bottle to warm you up, but you don’t have to boil the water and pour it is. Just put it on its charger for about 15 minutes; it will turn itself off when ready and will be nice and hot for about an hour or two and mellow out to be warm and will stay that way for hours and hours.

A weighted blanket was an interesting gift I bought for myself. They can be a little pricy, but somedays it makes all the difference.  The extra weight of the blanket is soothing and like a little hug. I got the 60x80 and is 20 lbs…I should have gotten the 48x72 that is 15lbs…mine is BIG and heavy. I think it would just a bit more user-friendly if it was a little smaller.

My favorite but hard to find BBQ sauce is called Bone Sucking Sauce. It is so thick and tasty and free of any animal products, so it is vegan, it only has natural sugars and no added fats…and it is delicious. When I say it is thick, I normally have to thin it out a little to use, so it goes a long way.

Yak Trax are the BEST. We live in Maine, and it gets icy and slippery…these are like tire chains for your boots.  While Yak Trax may not have the sharpest of bit on the ice (some of these products are downright lethal with their points), these give you extra grip on the ice, and you can get back into your house without ripping your steps or deck apart. One word of caution if you wear them inside on the deck or stairs for any reason, be careful there; you will have no real grip at all, and they become very slippery.

Dainty little jewelry box for my everyday jewelry. I like having a little jewelry box to keep my go-to jewels handy.  This is also great for travel if we ever get back to that again. Do you really want to class this little cutie up? Buy some lovely jewelry and put that in there.

The next two suggestions are more in the way of stocking stuffers and might even be overlooked then...but such simple little things to make life better.

Super sticky Post-It Notes are so not sexy and might even get an eye roll, but after you use them…they are magic.  I love the idea of Post-It Notes, but the original ones never stick. These are smallish, all stick on the back that is extra sticky. That means they stay where you put them. I love the colors, and they have helped keep me on track over the last years.

Locking Key Box for the outside of your home. A few years ago, I decided to get a little box, like real estate agents do, to put on the outside of my home to hide a key so I will never, ever be locked out, but my key is safe unless you know the code to get in. Since I did this…I never worry about being locked out, and it has saved me more than once.

Here are two bonus ideas. is a website that will send a weekly question to a loved one for them to answer. At the end of the year of questions, they then make the stories into a book.  The person you give this to can also add photos and edit their answers if they remember other details. StoryWorth has a huge list of questions you can use; you can pick what you want, you can add your own questions. I did this for my Mom earlier this year. She loves it, and so am I.  It is a great give for older family members to share stories and document your family history.

A ________ Of The Month Club subscription. These sorts of things are endless. Here are several suggestions…foods, home, kids, pampering, new parents,…even one with adult toys. Hey, I only share the information I find…I can’t make this stuff up.  If you don’t see what you like, just hop online and search whatever the subject and gift box…I am sure there is one out there to fit the need. These are fun for giving or for treating yourself.

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