Yesterday we got to give and giving is something that fills you up with so much joy. So having the ability to partner up with Skowhegan Savings Bank to honor and recognize service men and woman is a remarkable feeling.

This summer 92 Moose and Skowhegan Saving's will be taking your nominations of hometown heroes and first responders that are deserving of a little extra recognition.

If your nomination is chosen, 92 Moose and Skowhegan Savings Bank come and see the hero and present them with a gift! As well as gift cards and goodies!

Brad was our hometown hero yesterday. We lured him in by saying we were going to talk to him about advertising for his business but instead presented him with a lot of love.

His nomination was sent in by Jessica, his girlfriend and it brought all of us to tears.

Brad has been a volunteer firefighter for nearly a decade. He is always willing to drop everything to help both friends and strangers. Despite a tragic accident he was in as a child that left him with PTSD, he still puts himself in peril and situations that can be triggering to his PTSD to help others. He suffers from physical pain every day from the childhood accident but still pushes himself to do everything physically required to be a firefighter because he loves what he does.

Besides being a firefighter, he runs his own small lawn mowing business and works a day job at NRF. Everything he does, he does with integrity and gives it his all. His lawn customers rave about what a wonderful job he does for them and what a good respectful person he is. He is someone who would give not only the shirt off his back but his life for anyone. He always says "I am no hero" and never wants any recognition or limelight. He deserves to feel like the hero he is and be recognized for his contributions to the community.


Brad started out as Brad's Lawn Care with mowing and weed wacking and has worked his way up.

As his nomination states, despite a child hood accident and as a result, suffering from PTSD Brad has still fought to always help others. He is a volunteer firefighter and is committed to being someone who will stop at nothing to help a fellow Mainer,

Now, that is a hometown hero!

Brad received at $50 gift card from Ground Round Sports Grille and Tap Room as well as a goodie basket from Lilac Catering and Mixology.

Skowhegan Savings Bank, along with 92 Moose is so proud to be giving back to the community one Maine hero at a time! More information on nominating your one-of-a-kind home town hero here!

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