I thought that since my job is to be a writer that it would be best if I said my goodbyes on paper. I wanted to start off by saying that I had a fantastic time these past few months writing for Townsquare Media. I didn’t know how much I loved writing until it became my job. I honestly thought I was the least qualified for this position ever, but my opinion changed once I realized how much I loved it.

When my mom sent me a link to Townsquare Media’s post in early April, I was still taking my exams, and I distinctly remember that I was supposed to be studying for Economics 102, but instead, I was creating my first resume. That process alone was the most challenging thing. I had no clue how to format, write, or even email it. But I did it, and apparently, I did it well enough to get the job. It was not until June that I would hear back for an interview date and I was pretty scared about it. I left my other job early, changed in my car, and went in with a fresh face and my own personal brand of fake confidence.

To my surprise, I got the job, and little did I know that it would be the best job of my 19-year-old life. I could write about my life in a sense; from the concerts I attended, to the advice I have to give about surviving university and life in general. I learned to work with the public, conduct myself in a professional manner and, simply, to enjoy going to work.

So, thank you Townsquare Media for helping me build my resume with not just an internship, but with a memorable experience I will probably judge all other jobs against. I would like to give a special thanks to my boss Mike Higgins for letting me enjoy the writing process, inspiring me to read Harry Potter (and write about it) and last, but not least, teaching me to have fun with my job.

To my loyal readers (my MOM) thanks for supporting me in the discovery of another passion.


Signing off with love,


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