Sometimes you just need to know when to fold em'. Unless it's because my children are sick and need me, I don't like to take time away when I'm sick. Yes, I know that's not super-fair to my coworkers that have to share the same air as me, but I look at it as I can either be sick at home or at work- what's the difference?

Well, the last couple weeks everyone in the family has been getting sick and then as soon as they would start to get better- BAM, something else would hit. Most of this started Monday morning after the superbowl when Keri and I almost simultaneously got a stomach bug (Everyone assumed we were hungover from the game). I pushed through Monday and Tuesday here at work, but by Tuesday night was just NOT in good shape. By that time fever and chills had set in- and oh the body aches! So reluctantly, I called Cooper and asked him to cover on the morning show for me.

We all (except Evan, he went to school) spent the day at home yesterday trying to recover and relax, and wow did it work. Not only did we all start to feel better throughout the day, but we even went to bed when Gavin did... 7p! So now, with 7 hours of full sleep under my belt (I'm wearing gym shorts), I'm rested, ready and set to carpe this friggin diem!

So do yourself a favor if you fall under the weather with no sign of reprieve- Stay home for a day and watch 'The Price Is Right'!

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