You never know when you're going to walk into a miracle. A friend recently shared a beautiful story with me that I now have to share with you.

A friend of mine had told me she stopped by a store, North Country General, on the way home to pick up a few things and what had happened instead stopped her right in her tracks.
She noticed as she walked in that their was a sign on the door that read, "be kind day." So she asked the woman behind the counter what they sign was all about.
The lady, Linda, who had seemed to be going through chemo-therapy told my friend that the day before had been a horrible. Customers were being insulting and disrespectful. Even one person throwing things around and making a huge disturbance just because of things that were not a big deal.

Merry St. Pierre
Merry St. Pierre
Another customer was not being very polite and she decided to say this to that person,
  If you think your chicken was bad imagine having cancer and how bad that is.
This woman was a spitfire and her strength is beautiful because she has found a way to bring happiness into the toughest of situations.
Remember .when you are out, connecting with people in the community, you don't know what each person is going through. Life is tough and we shouldn't be tougher to each other.

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