Running a healthcare facility must be an overwhelming project, being an essential part of the community and making sure the choices made keep the health care facility up to standards and cover the cost. It is just a lot of moving parts. I want to give you a big 'THANK YOU'.

I wanted to share the story of my relationship with MaineGeneral since the new hospital has opened in November of 2013. I was fortunate to have had a tour before the Alfond Center for Health opening, where I got to see just about everything. It was explained how the center was designed so that doctors' offices and hospital services were side-by-side so health care providers to flow back and forth as needed.

I saw that first hand in November of 2014 when I had a breast cancer scare. I started as Express Care, which got me in right away, and when they were unsure of what was really going on, I had an appointment in radiology within minutes. Drove over to the hospital, had the imaging done. A few days later, there was a biopsy on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The surgeon was doing procedures in the OR, came back over to his office to do my biopsy before returning to the OR. Then, when I returned a few days later, my doctor himself came out to get me, and even before we went back to the exam room, he made it clear there was no cancer.

A few years later, I had a similar issue, and it was met with the exact same experience; the healthcare providers quickly addressing what was going on in my body. All my visits and concerns and my needed procedures have always been handled with kindness, compassion, and professionalism. Even as recently as this week, MaineGeneral Express Care, Augusta Family Medicine, and Women's Health made a difference in my health and life.

The MaineGeneral Health system has also been the same for a dear friend of mine while he was a patient at the Alfond Center for Cancer his care was extraordinary. The care he has received at the MaineGeneral Wound Center the last year and a half has everything heath care should be with wonderful, caring, compassionate health care providers.

Even as the pandemic caused changes in the doctors' offices and the hospital's operations, his care was never affected. The same for me, I have been able to have my health care taken care of just with those extra levels of precaution.

Thank you, MaineGeneral, for being my partner in being healthy and in keeping so many of us in Central Maine health and meeting our health care needs...pandemic or not.

I have just one BIG observation when the pandemic hit, the valet service at the hospital was suspended, please, when it is safe, bring that back. The friend I referenced earlier in this has had a foot injury, and he is not supposed to walk on his foot, so even parking in the handicapped spots is a little far for him when he has had to go to the hospital on his own. The guys at the front door have been great, and if they see him walking will meet him halfway with a wheelchair. But the valet service gave him such a sense of independence by going to appointments himself, and I would guess there are many people who appreciate that service.

All this and amazing food...I mean some of the best food around to be found in the cafeteria.  Thank you MaineGeneral.

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