There are so many people you meet throughout your life that have a lasting impact. Not only to you, but to your entire community and this is the case for my very first music teacher.

His name is John Nutting, but still to this day I refer to him as "Mr. Nutting."

John Nutting via Facebook
John Nutting 1996 via Facebook

Mr. Nutting was my music teacher in 1996 at Montello Elementary School when I was 11 years old. I was pretty shy back then and he was a force of nature. It was this energy I had never felt. Someone who was so excited to teach us snotty nose kids how wonderful music is. He also wore really incredible suits, vests, and accessories and back then that was very on trend. He had style and grace.

The Arts & Music departments in schools have been suffering for years. They don’t get enough funding and the teachers work for pennies'. It’s vital to the growth of children to expose them all to creativity and sound. Because it could change their lives and broaden their horizons.

As I said I was a bit shy back then, but Mr. Nutting helped to bring out my inner super star.

If not for him, who knows where I would’ve ended up?

John Nutting Professional Headshot
John Nutting, Actor

Dear Mr. Nutting,

I made you a cassette tape when I was 11 years old. I sat in my pink bedroom and recorded myself singing for you on my red and yellow “My Little Sony” Machine. I was so nervous to give it to you. I sang all original songs. Mostly about what I knew, like the birds, rainbows, and my family. When I brought this cassette tape into you, you listened to it. You took me seriously, even though I was awful. You told me that with practice and never giving up, I could be anything.

When you're 11 years old, it's almost impossible to feel like you're idea's are taken seriously, but you did. I can't thank you enough for believing me and helping me see how beautiful the world of music is. 


Little Elizabeth Snyder

It's important for all of us to reach out to the ones that have shaped our lives now and then. Wouldn't you want a reminder of the impact you gave? Always to continue to support the Arts & Music in Maine Schools.

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