Every year we take such pride in our Christmas tree. After all, when you look high and low for the highest lumen LED twinklers on the market, you're not just doing it for fun!

Well, yesterday we went out and bought our tree and headed home to get er' set up. Into the base it went and Evan, Keri and I started to decorate it. About an hour later after all of the sentimental, old ceramic ornaments were exactly and strategically placed we were ready to post it to Instagram- because did you really get and decorate a tree if it's not on social media?

As we were getting ready to take the perfect picture....crash! The tree came rocketing forward like a proverbial bat out of hell... As it smashed into the wood floor ornaments began breaking and ricocheting everywhere. I'm pretty sure our Great Dane Rambo took a ceramic Santa head to the eyeball. Unfortunately, because I'm a useless piece of crap, I didn't think to snap a pic of the tree as it lay naked on the floor beneath me. So I guess your own mental imagery will have to cover it!



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