Remember when you’d run home and be excited to show your parents your report card or maybe the opposite and you were scared as the grades weren’t up to where they should be?

The days of the report card maybe numbered as digital communication becomes they way of getting the information from teacher to parent.

It seems what’s starting to happen is teachers and parents are using email, text and pictures or scans of progress of a students work more often then every trimester or quarter and many parents are happy about the regularity. The idea  in the article is saying details and descriptive notes of progress on the regular is as important or trumps the number or letter grade.

I think going grade-less is a bit much in high school as you need grades as a benchmark for college but for elementary kids, I can see it.

I know my wife and I at least once a week check Power-School an online report card shown in real time. Or fairly close to real time as not every teacher updates the grades and homework daily but it gives a pretty good indication of your child’s grades and progress.

I think over all letters and or number grades need to stay in the lower grades but I don’t think we need traditional report cards except maybe for a memento in a shoebox.