I was sent a video from a Maine TikTok account, and it was about a hidden spot in Augusta. I immediately knew where this was and figured I would check it out…see if I was right. I finally had the time to go on this urban adventure. It is a, how shall I say, 'hidden' area of Augusta is along the Kennebec River.

The video I saw gave me the primary location, clues to where I would find the hidden trail to this site, and what I might find when I get there.

ShadowDog and I were up for an adventure recently and decided to see if I knew what I was talking about. It turns out I was very good at finding this location. I saw no signs indicating I was trespassing and based on how well worn the path was and the amount of graffiti. This spot is not much a 'secret'.

It is midsummer, and the grass was much taller than I expected, but I have a good sense of direction that got me to where I needed to go. If you get any of the landmarks you can easily find it for yourself.

So here is just a little bit of what I found in this hidden little spot. I am sure there is more cool stuff hidden in there, but it was stinking hot out, and I wanted to get back to the A/C in the car.

Augusta Adventure: Finding hidden street art

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