Meet the Ice Makers! Augusta, Maine, is welcoming something wintery and magical, all because of the dedicated Parks & Rec Team. They are reviving the community skating rinks!

Despite the bone-chilling seven-degree morning a couple days ago at Williams Park at 59 Bangor Street, the entire team worked tirelessly to get ready for the first watering.

Dave Dostie Photography
Dave Dostie Photography

While everyone enjoys lacing up their skates and hitting the ice, there's a lot behind the scenes to make these rinks come alive.

Our trusty photographer, Dave Dostie, was able to capture the process and give us all a sneak peek into the hard work that this team puts in so we can all enjoy a fun-filled skating experience!

The Mill Park rink opened January 20, and the Williams Park location will be ready in a few days, according to Augusta Parks and Recreation.

I've got my skates ready. Do you?

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