His name was Sylvester Cobbs but everyone knew him as Cobby and everyone who has lived in or around Augusta for any amount of time knew him by sight if not by name. He was a true fixture. A legend. A wonderful spirit who attended public events taking pictures and capturing the local world in which he lived on film

It was photography that took him to Winthrop on that Saturday, to capture a wedding. Sadly, it would not happen. A car accident near the YMCA camp caused him serious injuries to which he eventually succumbed.

I've been bumping into Cobby for more than 30 years because he was, quite literally, anyplace something of interest was happening, snapping photos and preserving countless thousands of moments for us all to relive at some point. Many of the pictures of Augusta you've seen may well have been viewed through Cobby's lens.

In addition to being a tremendous photographer, Cobby was a kind man...always smiling...always taking time out of what he was doing to say hello and have a conversation with you.

He was a teacher, a friend and an inspiration to everyone who crossed his path. His passion for his craft and for life was invigorating. Who would have guessed that he was 83-years-young? Not me!

Rest in peace, Cobby, and thank you for the wonderful memories.