It has been 5 years since Ayla Reynolds went missing. There have been searches and an ongoing investigation.  While the Maine State Police have said it is 'highly unlikely' she is alive. So far, no body has been found.  Now WMTW had reported she was declared dead.  An AP update reports that the 20 month old who went missing from her fathers home in Waterville in December of 2011 asked the court  to make the declaration**. No charges have been filed in the case. However, this is still an open case.

**Update**      According to the Associated Press, as part of the legal process, a probate judge signed a document declaring Ayla dead to move the process forward and to appoint her mother as personal representative.  Attorney William Childs declined to clarify the matter Tuesday, saying he'd hold a news conference in a "couple of weeks" to update the media.



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