You may be sad to hear that one of Maine's most popular Ice Cream destinations are unable to give you what you want when you visit! And it's all because of the weather!

I feel like the weather is to blame for many things this summer. Like, the LACK of summer because of all of the rain. Well, let's just go ahead and throw another reason to hate the weather into the basket because I've got one for ya!

According to WGME, there will be no strawberry flavored ice cream served this summer at Red's Dairy Freeze in South Portland. Red's has been serving frozen yogurt and ice cream since the early 50s, according to their Facebook Page. They are located at 167 Cottage Road in SO Po.

Check it, the article says, because of the freezing temps this winter and never ending rain this spring, they were unable to gather enough berries to make the strawberry soft serve.

They also put out a notice on their Facebook page.

They are wishing that the weather will be more favorable next year so they can collect enough berries from the crops to produce their delicious strawberry soft serve!

Here's hoping we get our favorite flavor back! But in the meantime, Red's Dairy Freeze has so many other delicious flavors that you need to enjoy and support! Visit them today!

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