We all end up searching for something on Google every day. This morning, we were having a discussion about the use of 'few' and 'couple.' So, I used Google to search for, "definition of few'." How boring is that? Well, it turns out, we search for a lot of boring things, and this new report has put them together, state-by-state.

The results come from the real estate blog Estately. They looked at 11 years of Google search data to determine the most boring searches. They didn't use any real scientific data, just some of their researchers picking out what they felt were the most embarrassing searches from each state.

What about Maine? Well, according to the Estately researchers, Maine's most boring searched item is: 'Nickelback lyrics.' They also chose 'Good Charlotte' and 'disc golf!'

Wow... I know Nickelback has their detractors, but, "Ouch!" And heck, what's wrong with disc golf. It's awesome!

Here's a look at some of the other choices from states.
New Hampshire: Pajama jeans
Massachusetts: Donald Trump president
New York: magic lessons, Shake Weight
California: How to vape?

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