According to the Lewiston Sun Journal, Lewiston mayor Shane Bouchard has resigned.

At a Tuesday city council meeting, a woman announced she had funneled Bouchard his opponent's emails during the 2017 election.  She also released over 150 text messages between her and Bouchard.  In one of those messages, he tells a racist joke and, in another, he allegedly compares his fellow republicans to the KKK.  Bouchard has admitted to sending those messages.

Just yesterday, Lewiston Police and the Maine Attorney General’s Office began investigating alleged criminal activity.

During the press conference, he said that he does plan to fight the allegations, but it would not be fair to do-so as the mayor.

Per the Lewiston charter, Democrat Kristen Cloutier, the council president, takes over as mayor.  According to Cloutier, no one asked Bouchard to resign.

Check out video of the press conference HERE

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