In the wake of the heartbreaking events that unfolded on October 25, 2023, a solemn tribute has graced the heart of Lewiston, Maine.

The echo of sorrow and anger thundered through our city in the wake of that fateful day painted the atmosphere to shift entirely. This left a mark in the tapestry of our shared experience.

With words of grace, Lewiston Mayor Carl Sheline etched into this declaration that each phrase has evoked the essence of reverence.

Mayor Carl Sheline via Facebook
Mayor Carl Sheline via Facebook

In this proclamation, it is decreed that every November 3 will henceforth be consecrated as "Love Lewiston Day."

I encourage everyone to read the entire proclamation and let it serve as a continuous reminder that our city is resilient.

Each year on November 3, we will celebrate how we collectively possess the grit, gumption, and strength needed to overcome challenges and move mountains. And most importantly, remember those we have lost and the families affected.

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