There’s so much bad service out there that I won’t waste my time bringing attention to it. I just refuse to do business with people who don’t understand good customer service. On the other hand, when someone goes beyond what they need to in order to make the customer happy, that’s worth singling out.

On my way home from Farmington today, I purposely went through Waterville so I could stop at Burger King for a Whopper with Cheese, which I suddenly had a craving for. So I went through the drive through on KMD, placed my order and pulled ahead to the second window (I do follow drive-thru instructions pretty well).

As I pulled up, my order was being bagged and I slipped the guy inside my debit card which he ran. I saw him call a woman, who I assumed to be the manager, over to the register. She then went across the room and was fiddling with something under the counter.

“Is there something wrong?” I asked?

“It’s not declined…it’s just not going through,” the guy said. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”

That was a simple phrase but it meant a lot to me. He recognized that I might be inconvenienced and apologized for it. I wasn’t at all, by the way, but hearing those words showed me he was commiserating with me.

The woman returned, handed me the drink and a bag and the gentleman handed me back my card.

“It went through?” I asked.

The manager said, “no, it’s telling me it’s offline but I’m not going to hold you up. Have a great day!”

The fact is, I hardly ever carry cash and had none with me or I would have paid, gladly. This was customer service that completely impressed me. Little gestures mean a whole lot and I will talk about this on the radio and to my friends. People who could have just as easily said “sorry, you’re card doesn’t work,” and sent me on my way took the time to give a personal touch that’s missing all too often these days. No, I didn't know them and I don't believe they knew me.

Honestly, I wanted a paper crown, too, but they had already been generous enough so I’ll get on next time I’m in!

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