Of all the U.S. Governors, who makes the most and who makes the least? Where do all the rest fall? You could make this into a fun little game to play!

First of all, how much does Governor LePage make? Let's put it like this. If you wanted to be governor for the money, Maine is about the last state you'd go to to seek the office.

According to Ballotpedia, Maine's Governor's annual salary is $70, 000. He runs the whole state! That's an "at-bat" for Big Papi. It's also the *lowest salary of any other U.S. governor. The next lowest is Arkansas' Governor(Beebe) at $86,890.

So, who gets the most as governor? Pennsylvania's Governor (Corbett) makes $187,818.

How does Maine's governor rank with the other New England states? Massachusetts, $151,800. New Hampshire, $121,896. Vermont, $145,538. Connecticut, $150,000. Rhode Island, $129,210.

* The Governor of Alabama did not accept a salary because the state did not reach full employment (5.2 percent unemployment).

If I were Governor LePage, I'd ask for a raise! Maybe that's why I still see him from time to time working in the tool department at Mardens! :-)