One Maine family is pleading with the public to help find and return an item that is extremely special to their adorable little baby.

Nathaniel Bartlett, father of baby Cora, along with family is besides himself, hoping that a handmade sentimentally small child's quilt will be found.

Nathaniel Bartlett via FB
Nathaniel Bartlett via FB

Nathaniel believes that it was accidentally donated at the Augusta area Goodwill. The quilt is handmade with peach and green colors with a dinosaur on one side and multiple colors on the other side. There is an inscription saying, "Coraline Clair Bartlett" as well as the name of the person who made it, "Peggy."

Nathaniel shared that he has been frantically searching for Cora's baby quilt everywhere for two whole months and believes it may have been donated, accidentally.

Cora is heartbroken! Please keep an eye out for it

I will offer $50 for it's safe return

Nathaniel Bartlett

We all have been here where we have lost or misplaced an item due to our very busy lives. We all also understand the feeling that sentimental items can hold within our hearts. If you frequent Goodwill in Augusta, take an extra peak at the baby and blanket section if you can.

Baby Cora, Nathaniel Bartlett via Facebook
Baby Cora, Nathaniel Bartlett via Facebook

If you've recently purchased a baby quilt take a look at it. The family is offering a $50 reward if the blanket is safely returned.

Re-share and spread the word on Cora's blankie and hopefully we will reunite her to have some much needed cuddle time with her dinosaur quilt.

Let's see if we can work together to find Cora's baby quilt and return it directly into her little arms!

If you found Cora's quilt, get ahold of Nathaniel Bartlett through Facebook here. 

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