I recently wrote an article about my cat, Charlie Benedict Cumberbatch, CBC for short. He stopped eating, drinking, using the bathroom, was vomiting and extremely lethargic. It was terrible to witness and I felt helpless in all my attempts to uncover the issues.

Since the article, I brought him to two emergency rooms both in Portland. We first went to PetMedic Urgent Care on Marginal Way and then my wife brought him to Portland Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Care. Both visits they did many tests. They took blood, ran diagnostics, and checked his body. The people were extremely nice and understanding and were very sweet with Charlie but couldn't find out what was wrong.

His tests only show that he has a slight heart murmur and some gas in his belly, which is normal since he hadn't gone to the bathroom. His white blood cells weren't elevated, he wasn't blocked and didn't have lime disease. So what the heck was wrong with my cat?

I feel like we will never know.

This all took place within one weeks time. He was failing to walk, wasn't crying, and slept 21 hours a day. We thought his organs were failing and we were losing him. The toughest part about this is that since the local Vets aren't taking any new patients and it cost $70 millions dollars to have him at the emergency room, we felt like we were failing him.

At one point, we were told that he needed an abdominal ultrasound and when he was brought into the emergency room in order to get that done, they would of had to call in a tech, late at night and the cost would've been thousands of dollars.

I hate that in order to save an animal you have to pay so much money.

Well, Charlie is a badass because over night, he has become a different person, sorry, I meant, cat.

He woke up this morning eating, drinking, crying, purring and waging his beautiful black tail. Why? Maybe he was poisoned by something he ate outside? Maybe it was a bug that he needed to just get through?

However, he didn't eat or drink or go to the bathroom for more than 3 days. How did he survive? I believe in miracles and angel guides and I think Charlie had some outside help.

I'd also like to thank all of the help we received from you, our listeners and readers. You gave me so many helpful tips but most importantly, you supported us.

Seems like CBC is going to pull through and I am elated. Kiss your fur babies as much as you can!

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