Each week we take a look at one of the towns in our listening area.  This week, we profile Lewiston!

According to Wikipedia, the area that would become the City of Lewiston was first settled by Native Americans from the Androscoggin (or Arosaguntacook) tribe. They were driven off the land by the French sometime around 1680.

The area was first colonized by Europeans in 1770, after a grant comprising the area of Lewiston was given to Moses Little and Jonathan Bagley, members of the Pejepscot Proprieters.  Lewiston was officially incorporated as a town in 1795.  There are at least 4 houses in the city that date back to that time period.

Thanks to the river, Lewiston became an industrial center in the 19th and early 20th centuries.  It was the home to shoe and textile mills.  Now, Lewiston is home to Bates College, the Country Kitchen Bakery, Central Maine Medical Center, and a Walmart distribution center.  Additionally, the area is home to several great festivals, including the Great Falls Balloon Festival.

Check out this video of the history of Lewiston:

And these pics of Lewiston from IG:



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