I was today years old when I learned that you can become an ordained minister online.  So you can now, just call me Father Lizzy.

In this day in age, things are so instant. You can do anything you want online, buy farm animals, entire houses, and even buy a human finger! Seriously, you can buy a human finger. That just goes to show that everything is at your fingertips.

Who doesn't want to perform wedding ceremonies? It's a joy to watch movies of weddings and think that you can help to start a couple's journey of matrimony.

However, we assume that because the words, "ministry" and "ordained" are such powerful words that you would either need to pay or go to some type of schooling. I was recently informed that this was not the case.

This entire experience took me about 2 and a half minutes. I went onto Universalist Life Church online and inputted my name, email address, state and created a password and that was it. It was literally two clicks of a button and I can now unite couples!


The best thing about being ordained by this ministry is that Benedict Cumberbatch also became ordained through them. I am a big fan of his and even named my cat Sir Benedict Cumberbatch.  So I feel like this all happened for a reason. This particular life church has also ordained, Lady Gaga, Conan O'Brien, and Stephen Colbert to name a few.

Since becoming a Minister, I have already had 3 requests to perform wedding ceremonies.

If you are a Mainer who also wants to become a love maker and life-changer, join me and tons of celebs in becoming an ordained minister, and let's make some dreams come true.

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