Chris Culliver, the San Francisco 49ers cornerback who yesterday made some inappropriate remarks about gays on Arti Lange's radio show, is backtracking on those statements with the verbal Get Out Of Jail Free card known as "just kidding."

When asked on Lange's show Wednesday about the possibility of gay players in the NFL, Culliver stated that he wouldn't welcome a gay teammate to the 49ers. He also stated that the 49ers don't have any gay players (because he follows them home every night and knows every move they make) and if they did "those players should just leave." Culliver's comments were met with a huge backlash yesterday from fans, media and the entire town of San Francisco which only has, at the most, one or two gay residents.

Culliver apologized today and said "not what's in my heart" and he was "just kidding around." It appears as if Culliver is saving the all powerful "my bad" should he say something else stupid.

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