Today is day 6 in my November 'Thank Yous.' There are still a number of days to be sincere, thoughtful and emotional but today, I am thanking coffee. That glorious hot beverage that starts my internal engine everyday. That special serum that makes me tick for without I'd be incoherent, irritable and possibly unresponsive.

I used to drink probably six cups a day but have brought it back to about four. I generally like a breakfast blend or something not too strong tasting. I just take milk or half and half or if at work, Mini Moos.

I like Cumberland Farms 'House Blend', Dunkin and Tim Horton's, Starbucks is a bit too robust in flavor but that's just me. I have an emotional attachment to 8 O'clock Bean because I used to work at a Big Apple almost 20 years ago. Like a whiff of a perfume that's passe, Big Apple coffee brings me back.

How do you take your coffee? Where do you go for coffee (aside from the kitchen)? How many cups a day do you drink.?