Like most people, this year's vacations have us staying a lot closer to home than we normally would.  No flights to Florida or California.  No cruises.  No long road trips to New Hampshire or Massachusetts.

Like almost everyone else, we are "staycationing".

We're not even vacationing for full weeks.  We're just taking a few days here or there to make day-trips to nearby attractions.

A few days ago, we went on one of those trips.  This time, it was to Popham Beach.

As with literally EVERYTHING, there are some COVID-19 related changes to doing a "beach day" in the summer of 2020.  Face coverings are required to use the bathroom facilities and changing rooms, there are separate paths used to enter the beach and return to the parking lot, and they only allow about half of the pre-COVID capacity.  On the plus side, the last point means the beach is never crowded.

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