I can't believe it either, but let's talk about it.

Pizza Vending Machines in Maine

It's a slice of the future that I am not sure if I am ready for or not. But let's get into it.

Years ago, News Center Maine reported on an inventor in Japan who created pizza vending machines and asked if the people of Maine would be into this contraption.

Some liked the idea and some think that places like Cumberland Farms already have pizza, hot and ready to go, so why have a vending machine for pizza?

More recently, this invention has most definitely picked up steam.

Another company PizzaForno based in Toronto is rolling out pizza vending machines. It costs roughly $10-$13 and will provide a piping hot 12-inch pizza in under 3 minutes.

Picture it though, you're walking down the street and you're hangry. You come upon a vending machine, assuming you'll grab a bag of Funions but, the choices are pizza, pizza, pizza. Do you take the plunge and try it? It's like a pizza ATM, am I right?

How does a pizza vending machine work?

According to their site, you walk up to the machine, choose your pizza from the menu and a robotic arm inside of the machine grabs the pie and puts it in the oven.

Once it's done, it's put in a box that will pop out from the slot, like money from an ATM. Each vending machine has 70 pies with a 3-day shelf life and is restocked three times a week.

Will pizza vending machines be coming to Maine?

As of right now, we can't confirm they are, but it is likely because a few different companies are expanding their roll-outs throughout the U.S. I for one will be keeping my eye out and hoping that we get one!

Did you know that in Japan, they have vending machines that offer more than just pizza? Like, t-shirts, apples, and even umbrellas.

I'd like to visit a vending machine that provides huge glasses of wine.

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