Courtney Lenz, a five year veteran of the Baltimore Ravens cheerleading squad, is claiming the team left her off the trip to the Super Bowl because of her "slight weight gain." Oh deer! Sorry, I meant dear. Force of habit with this squad.

Lenz, 23 and pictured above, is part of the 60 person Ravens cheerleading squad and when rules dictated that the team could only take 32 women, Lenz figured she was a lock. She had seniority and been featured in the Ravens' cheerleader calendars and appeared as a team representative on numerous occasions.

The Ravens left her home and Lenz thinks it's because she might have put on a couple during the season.

So how much did Lenz allegedly pack on? 15? 20? Possibly 30 pounds?

"She thinks it's because she gained 1.4 pounds during the season. She has told various news outlets that she added the weight to her usual 124-pound frame. The organization wanted her to get down to 120 pounds, she claims."

ALMOST TWO POUNDS?!?!?! Good lord! The excess weight might crash the plane. <-- This was written in a new font called SARCASM. Friends of the Courtney Lenz have started an online petition to get her to New Orleans. Probably have to tow her there. <-- Same font as before.

Hey, quick question, there is a game this weekend right? That's still happening right? Haven't heard much about it and I bought all these wings.

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