It was a year ago today that the World Health Organization declared that the coronavirus was a pandemic.  Happy…anniversary?

How has your life changed?

In some ways, my life is very different and in some ways, it is very much the same.  I know how blessed I have been over the last 365 days and how my life is better.

I started the pandemic with a relationship that ended. So as all of this was ramping up I was heartbroken that my best friend no longer being part of my life.  I was coming to terms with that loss; there was also the other issues and fears with the coronavirus that was going to change every aspect of my life for the next six week.

At the radio station on Friday, March 13th (ya, Friday the 13th) we pack up our computers and gear and went home to do radio. This was a first for us and not something we had ever done or even tried. Within hours things were figured out. We just made it happen. I say we, Matt James made it happen. He had the talent, skill, and cleverness to make it work.

And work it did. We did the 92 Moose Morning from our kitchens from March 16th until the start of May. I have to tell you, I had SO much fun. I loved doing that, it felt like Matt and I were making a difference by still being the 92Moose Morning Show you have known for years; being your friend, having some fun together, keeping you entertained but still keeping you in touch with what you needed to know. We were truly in this together.

Personally, it was such a mix of feeling for me: fun, freeing, scary and sad. Remember, I had that heartbreak going on with all the new pandemic stuff.  The only upside was I had bought toilet paper just before all this started, so I was good on that front.

In those early days of the pandemic and shut down in March and April the world around us was so…peaceful.  ShadowDog and I would go for walks and drive around to just be out of the house.

Looking back on it…I wish I could have embraced it more.  Hindsight is 20/20 (no pun intended) and I had all the same fears about my job security, the health impact of the virus on myself and my loved ones, the future…ALL the stuff.

A year later…I still am heartbroken about the situation with my best friend, but life has gone on, I am happier and healthier than I was a year ago.  I am in a good place financially, my Mom and Aunt are doing well and both are on track to have the vaccine.

No matter how hard this year has been on you I hope there has been some good you can find in this situation.

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