It all started with what was supposed to be a quick trip to Samuel's Club in Augusta. Well- A new pair of shoes and hundreds of $ in garage accessories later and we finally had the diaper and wipes we had originally ventured out for. You see, I have a hard time paying someone else to perform tasks that I can do myself.. Oil changes, brake jobs etc. Until recentle (yesterday), I couldn't do tire rotations because I didn't have any jack stands in my garage.. Problem solved! Picked up 4 3-ton jack stands and a 3-ton HD jack at the Home Dee-Pot! AND I was able to ease my wife's troubled mind about all them money I was spending by doing the first project on HER new car! Yep, got them there tires all rotated up on her Jeep! And, lucky her, I only charged her HALF of what the dealers do! Aren't I sweet af?

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