When I was younger, I remember learning about colors in kindergarten, but the teachers are withholding the truth from us, they teach you about the primary colors but not everything else like hues, color palettes, schemes, and the fact that there are 15,000 different shades of brown.

I was on my way to Home Depot in Auburn with a set plan in my head on how I was going to paint the interior of my house and had a serendipitous encounter with colors.

Let me add that my entire house needs to be painted, we have a blank slate, and every single room in the house needs a makeover. Maybe I should call one of those Youtube Make-up Gurus and they can help me give my house a good contour.

So, after arriving, the tide quickly turned and I soon found out, that I know nothing, like, absolutely nothing.

I learned that in order to paint the interior of your home, there are also different types of enamel to stay away from in different rooms. For instance, you shouldn't use semi-gloss in your living room, but in your bathroom instead. Eggshell is more appropriate for your living room.

David Pisnoy via Unsplash
David Pisnoy via Unsplash

I was prepared to just buy "white" for all the rooms but white isn't white anymore, it's "dove", "simply white", "alabaster", "ice breaker", "atrium", or "chantilly white", and you have to choose if you want a warm hue of white or a cold hue. What the hell is a hue?!

I have also found that I no longer have a modern aesthetic but more of a cold bold, contemporary, old-fashioned style. WHAT EVEN IS THAT? Sorry for the caps lock people, but this is exhausting. You feel me?

I was asked about my design style and I answered by saying, "I just want an adult house with Harry Potter Magic sprinkled everywhere."



I am hoping that I will be able to use my inspiration to make the right decisions or I'll just end up paying thousands of dollars to re-do it all.


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