I am not much of a trick-or-treat person. I never really was into it when I was a kid, and I think it is because I lived out in the country, and there we did not get trick-or-treaters, and there was no place to go for me to trick or treat. So, it’s not my thing.
Because of that, I am the master of avoiding this thing called trick-or-treating.

If you do not wish to hand out treats, for whatever your reason, just shut…it…down. It is Halloween Etiquette 101. On Halloween, just make your place dark and not inviting. Turn off the lights inside and out. Maybe not have a lot of decorations. Trust me; it can be straightforward to do nothing.

The easiest way to do that is to go out. Usually, I would tell you to go out for a movie, but that is a no go in most places, so maybe dinner or a drive. The next best thing is to plan a quiet night at home. Close all the curtains and turn off any outside lights…even the automatic lights. Plan to keep the house as dark as you can.

Another idea is maybe a cute little sign that says you are not taking part in trick-or-treat this year. That way, if someone ends up at your door, they know and move along.

The last thing I would say is if you end up in a situation where you are face to face with some cute little kids who are trick-or-treating looking for their treat…just be a decent human. Be nice, say you don’t have any candy, and then ask them about their costumes and let them know how much you like it. Smile and tell them to have a great night.

If you are heading out for some traditional type trick-or-treating here are some recommendations from the CDC on how to do it safely as possible.

There are many things not happening for Halloween 2020 but there many things that are being reinvented or reworked to still have some fun...check out more about Fast Eddie's Haunted Car Wash Tunnel and Drive-thu Trick or Treat on Water Street.

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