A year into the pandemic and COIVD-19 is on my mind a lot this week. President Joe Biden signed the $1.9 trillion dollar COVID-19 relief bill and has challenged Americans to keep up with doing their part, challenged states to make the vaccine available to any adult by May 1 so we can have a ‘normal’ Fourth of July. The CNN story also indicated Biden wants to restore some faith in the US citizens in the government that has been lost recently.

But then I read another CNN story about the United States possibly being in the ‘eye of the storm’ with coronavirus.  It has to do with a few things; we are at ‘spring break’ time, COVID numbers have been declining, therefore increasing our ‘confidence’ and we have the COVID variants that are starting to show up.

When the variant showed up in England and Europe it started to spread quickly and cause a spike in cases.  Since it has shown up in the United States is reasonable to suspect the same thing could happen here. The CDC has stated we have a few variants and all have made their way to the United States.  These variants seem to spread easily however the current vaccines seem to help.

The CDC is studying these viruses for how to they do act on people and how they respond to current therapies. The situation may feel like it has dragged on forever but it has only been a year.

Even the governors of states that are lifting the mask mandates are still urging people to be responsible; wear masks, social distance, and use good hygiene practices that are CDC suggestions.

Do these things work?  I think so. The number of flu cases is significantly down this year and I think it's because of the extra personal safety steps we have taken and more people made sure to get this year's flu vaccine. Newscenter posted a great wrap-up on that and the idea that flu cases are being reported as COVID.  You should check it out.

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While much is still unknown about the coronavirus and the future, what is known is that the currently available vaccines have gone through all three trial phases and are safe and effective. It will be necessary for as many Americans as possible to be vaccinated in order to finally return to some level of pre-pandemic normalcy, and hopefully these 30 answers provided here will help readers get vaccinated as soon they are able.

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