Sometimes you take a walk in your backyard and find your kiddo's toys, a random rake, or like my house, silly string, everywhere. Don't ask.

But I uncovered something that I was not expecting to find.  A bone. A femur to be exact.

This bone did not look to me like any type of dog bone you could purchase at the tractor supply store for your pet.

To me it looked old but not old enough o where the tangents were torn out. So, of course, you know me, I had to do some research.

My "research" includes posting about my "archeological find" online to ask Facebook what type of bone this is.

Of course this led to many funny comments and some that made me question how much I was really listening in health and science class.

So apparently, we had discovered this is a femur. But of what and to what type of body? Animal or human?

Many friends said it was either a cow, deer, moose, human, even a pig with tusks was mentioned.

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

I brought the mysterious bone into the studio and spoke about it on-air. While I was telling you all about it, I thought that it would be a good idea to get someone in here to take a look at it. So, I told my dear friend, Officer Brad Chase to come by and because he listens to the show, he popped up at the studio to take a look.

From what he can tell, the density is not large enough or long enough to be a cow. It is similar to a human femur bone, but has too many distinct small differences to be that of a human femur.

He concluded that it's possibly a deer or even large coyote. Which is very interesting because I do not live in a rural area, but a suburb. We do not see many deer and zero coyotes.

It makes me think to myself, "Self, how did this bone end up here? What was his/her story?"

Now, because Officer Chase is not a bone doctor, are results are inconclusive due to zero scientific inspection, so if you have any thoughts that differ from ours, let us know!

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