According to the Sun Journal, Bunny Hawkins is a young woman from Skowhegan who just really loves bunnies. I mean what can't you love about those beautiful little furry floofs?

There is more to Bunny Hawkins then simply loving these bunnies, she also dresses up as a bunny in her daily life. There is this circle of people called "Furries" that exist simply because they love animals so much so that they become them.

Now, what is "furry fandom" you ask? Well I'll explain it to you, According to Wikipedia, in a nut shell (see what I did there) is when a person takes on the characteristics and personality traits of a furry animal.

Wikipedia goes on to say,

"The term "furry fandom" is also used to refer to the community of people who gather on the Internet and at furry conventions, or otherwise participate in the subculture."

So, people dress up as their favorite animal and celebrate their happiness. A YouTube video, put out by Viceland helps to explain the truth about furries and how it's a fandom, not a fetish.

If you dive deeper into a form of this "furdom", you see that in some cases, those people who participate in this have gender identity problems and they are struggle to be themselves in the public, so the fur-suit helps them to express themselves in a safe and secure way.

It shouldn't matter what reason you have by being a fur person, as long as you're hurting anyone, what harm can be done? If it makes you happy and helps to make life a little more bear-able for you, then I say, why not!

Bunny Hawkins is expressive and says,

"It's not something you become, it's something you realize you are."

What a beautiful statement that is.

What is the difference between how I pack make up on every day because it helps me feel good? I consider my makeup, my armor. If someone wants to become a bunny, or cat, or horse because it's their armor to help them get by, who are we to judge?

More and more in this current climate, the younger generation especially, are sharing their openness and expressive behavior with the world to the fullest form. I believe, we can all learn something from this.

We are all constantly wearing masks, different masks each day, each hour, with each different person we interact with. We form our characteristics by the environment that calls for that certain personality. We are natural chameleons, the human race and are definitely animalistic by nature. The "furries" just focus more on that animal behavior then others do.

If someone if brave enough to do something that isn't considered "the norm", I do applaud them.

Go on with your Bunny self, Bunny Hawkins! Hop away girl!


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