I am lazy. I like stuff that is easy have around, works and makes me happy.  Here are five of those thing.

Ball Wide Mouth Canning Jars- I do NOT can. But I do use them for SO many things. Mostly in the kitchen for like food storage and even as cups and bowls. I even use a big one to make cold brew coffee!  They take heat, are super easy to wash and have measurements on side to help with portions.  OH ya...they are hard to break and affordable.  All good for me!

Dr Bronner Soap- Gees, you can use it for anything. The hippie in me likes what it stands for. Smells good.  Did I mention you can use it for just about anything? Really just read about the stuff.  So handy to have.

Lush Greeench Deodorant- The hippie in me strikes again. It is a powdered deodorant I can only get from Lush, so it takes a little more effort to make sure I have it on hand.  For an alternative to the more conventional deodorant choices, it works REALLY well and smells nice.

Dunkin Donuts Coffee- Remember that cold brew I make in my large Ball Canning Jar? Ya. I get up in the middle of the night to start my day, even before many of the local Dunkin Donuts are open...this girl needs her coffee.

Eddie Bauer Outerwear- I am freakin' cold almost all of the time. So I have a love of quality outer wear.  Since the Eddie Bauer Outlet is so easy to get to at the Marketplace@Augusta it has become myf first and sometimes only stop of find my cold weather needs.  Eddie Bauer down jacket count is at 3!


Farmers Markets... check out your local event ... Or if you have access to a farm share that delivers...like Farmer Kev Organics I would say...DO IT! You will love it.


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