A Maine man, who droce a school bus in the state of New Hampshire, has been found guilty of allegations that he harassed, stalked and asked for inappropriate photos from an 8-year-old boy who rides his school bus.

According to WGME 13, 39-year-old Michael Chick, lived in Eliot, Maine but drove a school bus in the town of Greenland, New Hampshire. Court documents reveal that Chick had been accused of not only asking for inappropriate photos of the young boy, but also for stalking him and threatening him and his family.

WGME reported that New Hampshire's Attorney General had sent a correspondence out to all parents of students who rode Chick's bus asking them to come forward with information if they ever had any similar encounters with Chick.

WGME reported on that in addition to the allegations, the court documents also revealed disgusting details in regards to the actions taken by Chick. Those same documents say that Chick began to give gifts to the young boy and his sister back in April of 2022.

Whenever the children were not on his bus due to absence, Chick would leave letters for them at their house explaining how much he missed them.

Following this series of events, the parents then found multiple cell phones in their son's possession. These phones were given to the boy by Chick so they could stay in contact. WGME reports that Chick had at least 30 phone calls with the young boy.

Chick then plead guilty in court on charges of cyber stalking the young child. He was subsequently sentenced to 9 years behind bars followed by 3 years of supervised release.

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