To start, I have to give Mike Higgins, a co-worker, credit for without him, I would have probably not found Fred Spencer, my newest Internet obsession. He lives in Western Canada and makes the most interesting videos, some of the early ones were bordering on cheesy, but funny in their own way.

I want to introduce you to Fred Spencer and his wife Sharon. Judging by the vlogs in Fred’s series, ‘My Strange Life’ the two are separated. When they were together, they had a movie making business, where they would take your wedding, birthday, vacation or other pictures and turn them into movies.

He also made some animations:

We here at the Moose, OK, actually mostly Mike and I, have been following his life on YouTube. Fred Spencer who is probably about 60, rides around and lives in his RV which he has named, “Starship Betty.”

In the YouTube vlogs, you see him do everything from go to the market on Saturday, to retrieve things from the dump to how he lives his life in “Starship Betty.” It is the survival aspect that intrigues me,  what we all take for granted in our homes with heat, TV, running water, etc. he talks about in detail in his updates.

I’ll admit, in the beginning I laughed at his movies, but the more I watch, the more into his life I get.

I think he really needs a reality show, fame or if none of that, a GoFundme account. Poor guy.

I love the way he adapts to his situation, the way he lives off of the land so-to-speak.

Would you like to see more from Fred? Let me know if you do.

If you do want to see more from Fred, what would you like to see?