Check out this video of The Golden Girls' house we have been seeing on the show for decades.  

First of all, the house is not in Miami, Florida. It is not in Florida at all. Nope. It is located in Los Angles, California, and is absolutely stunning inside. Nothing like the stuffy and very 'Florida' looking home where the Blanch, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia lived.

The house has an interior that is open and airy. The home was built in the mid-'50s and, as you might expect, is mid-century modern. A Hawaiian firm designed the house, so it has elements that have the Hawaiian and Japanese vibe. $2.9 million and it can be yours.

Top Ten Real Estate Deals was showcasing the house recently, and when I watched the video tour of the house, it was the kitchen with the green and blue design that got me. Oh, and the covered patio in the back of the house. Check out this video about the place.

The Golden Girls has quite a resume. I was critically acclaimed, won many awards, and each of the stars received an Emmy Award, one of only three sitcoms to reach that distinction, according to Wikipedia. As for the ladies; Dorothy, the savage one is played by Beatrice Arthur, the sweet one is Rose played by Betty White, the flirty one is Blanch played by Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty played Sophia, Dorothy's mother and savage in her own right. 

Now for a bonus, if you have ever seen The Golden Girls, it is a hoot, and you can find it on Hulu. I guess I just found my next binge-watch. 

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