According to the KJ, there's an explanation for the fishy smell around Parker Pond in Chesterville.  Thirteen thousand dead fish!

On June 15th, 13,000 white perch were scooped from the pond and left to rot on a nearby, uninhabited, island.

Biologists had removed the perch from the pond because they are considered an invasive species.  The pond already contains trout and salmon.  The perch had illegally been added to the pond in the 1990s.

On Wednesday (June 24th), the fish were moved from the island to a compost pile at a regional office.  Officials admitted that the fish should never have been dumped on the island.  The plan should have been to add them to the compost pile, all along.

The smell was unbearable for some people.  Reportedly, at least one family had to cut their outing short due to the odor.

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