If I look like a guy that knows his way around a kitchen, it's because I'm a guy that knows his was around a kitchen. Some of my culinary specialties include hamburger helper, shake n' bake chicken and turning frozen French fries into a desirable crispy gold color in my air fryer. Basically what I'm saying is, if you know of any 5 star restaurants looking for a chef, feel free to drop my name.

Speaking of shake n' bake chicken, that's what I was preparing last night when the incident occurred. I had prepared and placed 3 chicken breasts in the oven with the coating on and was waiting for them to cook. I'm a clean as I go kinda guy so as the bird was toastin' up I figured I'd hand-wash a few dishes to ease the burden on my dishwasher. Well, the giant Cuisinart butcher knife that I had used to cut chunks of fat off the chicken was in the soapy water... and I knew it. But I still did it.

I carelessly stuck my hand into the soapy depths, grabbed the knife BY THE BLADE, and squeezed my hand around it. At this point, I realized that I have messed up but in the moment, instead of just letting go, I grabbed the handle with my other hand and pulled the knife out of my own grasp- thus cutting my finger really good...errr bad. Ya know, the kind of cut where you can feel the knife go deeper into your flesh. Gross.

Let me be perfectly clear, this isn't an injury that required stitches or a hospital visit, but it was an injury that bled and bled and bled. Those pesky finger cuts NEVER stop bleeding. It was probably close to 90 minutes before I could relieve the pressure and put a bandage on it.

Long story short, don't be a moron like me. It's tough being one of the world's greatest chefs, but accidents happen.


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