Birthday parades.  Before two months ago, how many people had ever been involved in one?  On either the giving end or the receiving end.  It is amazing how, in the span of just a few weeks, they've become a necessity.

It looks like in Aroostook County, they are winning the birthday parade game!

According to WAGM, James Winslow normally celebrates his birthday at the Pizza Hut in Presque Isle, Maine.  But, with the COVID-19 pandemic going on, that was not going to be an option for his 34th birthday celebration.

Over the weekend, half of "The County" showed up to show him some birthday love.  Police vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, sheriff's department vehicles, Game Wardens, Garbage Trucks, Anah Shrine Klowns, and more showed up for the birthday parade.  In total, the parade consisted of 200 people, over 90 vehicles, and an airplane.

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