I'll admit that I am usually the last person to realize that something has changed. Even if that change involves a store that is literally right next to where I work closing down. Apparently I have missed this one for quite sometime.

Long story short, I ordered a ton of stuff from Amazon for my recording studio update that I'm doing at my house. One of the fairly expensive microphones I ordered showed up defective. Okay, no problem at all. I'll send it back to Amazon and they'll send me a new one. As a matter of fact, Amazon has already shipped the replacement before I've sent the defective one back- how cool?!

Well when I mentioned to Renee this morning that I was going to the UPS store near the radio station, she informed me that it was closed...and had been for nearly a year. How did I not realize this? I drive by the building every single day coming to and going from work.

Here's how this went down on air earlier this morning..


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