I generally eat a vegetarian or vegan.  That vegetarian thing is very easy most of the time. But vegan? That can be a bit challenging when you are hitting a drive-thu. I mean, most places have salads BUT...that is about it and it normally comes with chicken.

I found a post from Taco Bell on how to make their menu fit your life if you are a vegan.  There is the Taco Bell on Civic Center Drive.  This is great to know if you travel.

BUT if you want something tasty, vegan and local…I have a recommendation for you.  Lisa’s Legit Burrito in Downtown Augusta (and Downtown Gardiner) is yummy. They are great and offer all sorts of meat options...and YES…they have rice and bean, but sweet potato/ butternut squash AND BBQ jack-fruit as your base!  They also offer ‘cheesy’ vegan choices. Ehrin and Jay (the owners) are the best!

So where are other places or hacks you have for eating vegan?

WHY...WHY vegan you ask? I have lots of reasons. But it all started because the texture of meat did not appeal to me. I am not hurting anyone with my preferences and you, my friend, are free to have yours! Peace-out!

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