Now, this story I am about to tell you isn't something that's going to make you laugh in the beginning or even the middle, it's at the end. So hang in there because it's a doozy.

If you are like me, you enjoy your family and your work but you also enjoy the company of your closest companions. Let's just say it's nice to "release" the every day stressors of life and let your hair down.

My best friends name is Katie, we were originally established in the year 2000, meaning we've known each other long enough to be able to match each others crazy.

I watched her child come into the world and she watched my child come into my world.  This means, I can always leave the door open when I pee at her house.

I will send her 50 snapchat videos in one day and never feel ashamed about it, because she literally signed up for it, when she signed up for me 22 years ago.

So we go out occasionally and when we decide to hit the town, she is the Bradley Cooper to my Zach Galifianakis.

This past weekend we went to a few different places in Lewiston/ Auburn and it's a night that I can add to the pile of "Yup, that happened."

We started at Gritty McDuffs. I had a Spicy Strawberry Margarita! When Katie and I are together we love talking to people so we started chatting with the bartender.

Her name is Lauren and watching her work was like watching a scientist try to cure something. Let's just say, she made very generous drinks.

After Gritty McDuffs, we decided to go to Sonder & Dram in Lewiston which is this unique and hidden bar on Ash Street.

However, we parked on the wrong block and found ourselves in a back alley. You'd think we would've felt a little scared but we weren't. We were blown away by the beauty of downtown Lewiston. They're is hidden art everywhere.

It was freezing, but our friendship keeps us warm, it's like a wildly underrated toe warmer to be honest. Anyway, after walking for ever in the back alleys of L-town, we finally made it to the bar.

After discussing how important purse hooks are at bars, we noticed some friendly faces walk in. So we enjoyed our night at their table and reminisced about old times. We had planned to meet at Splittin' Wood Axe Throwing.

Here's the meat. When we left Sonder & Dram, we started walking. Mind you, it was like minus 17,000 degrees outside. After starting to walk for a while, we continued to keep walking, and walking, and then running.

And as we were walk-running, Katie was pushing her key fob button to find her car and it wasn't working.

So, we kept walk-running. I told her we had gone too far, but she was like a Mom in the mall "exercise walk-running," determined and focus on continuing to go further. To where though? I did not know, but it was like she just needed to walk-run it out. So, being a good friend, I ran-walk with her for about 7 blocks.

We finally stopped and silently looked at each other, at that moment, I knew she was done, almost like when Forest Gump stopped running in Forest Gump.

We finally found the car and it was over. But that moment had to happen. Silent and weird moments between you and your best friend need to happen. It's a funny thing, friends. We choose them, we care for them, and we walk-run with them.

Love you Katie. You're my Forest Gump. Run Katie, Run.

Below are the photos of our night!

Hysterical Girls Night Out in Lewiston/Auburn

Hysterical Girls Night Out in Lewiston/Auburn

Sometimes you have to go out wit your bestie to release the stressors of life and sometimes those outings, become unforgettable.

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